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Funeral Flowers
Please find below a selection of traditional funeral flowers, if you would like individual funeral tributes from cars, animals or anything from a photo you supply, please click here for our specialist funeral flowers.

Flowers are a thoughtful way of showing your love, with our help you can choose that special tribute giving comfort to those who are grieving a loss. We hope to make this difficult time, a little more bearable with our friendly and professional service.

From Funeral sprays to family tributes we can work with you to get the right mark of respect for your love one. We can make a specialised tribute that is very personal to you and your lost loved one.

So if you are looking for trusted funeral florist in Bristol - We can hand make the right tribute for you.
Names | Letters
A loving tribute to a loved one having a name made from flowers. Different flowers and colours are available for you to choose from. These tributes are usually sent by close family and placed in the funeral car.
Mum mummy mom mother funeral flowers letters florist Bristol FNL1A tribute to your mum, mummy, mom, mother - choose their favourite colours and flowers.
Order code: FNL1
Dad father funeral flowers letters florist Bristol FNL2However you address your father, have it made from flowers as a wonderful funeral tribute to them.
Order code: FNL2
Nan, Nanny, Grandma, Granny funeral flowers letters florist Bristol FNL3Nan, Nanny, Grandma, Granny – Any tribute can be made in colours of your choice, to show your love.
Order code: FNL3
Son, young child funeral flowers letters florist Bristol FNL4Son letter tribute in beautiful pastel shades suitable for a young child. We can add photos or any personal items with the flowers.
Order code: FNL4

Funeral flowers double ended oasis spray with roses, ims, lilies florist Bristol FS3A compassionate spray using roses, ims, lilies and gyp.
Order code: FS3
Funeral flowers double ended oasis spray yellow roses, gerberas florist Bristol FS4Yellow rose’s and gerberas and white lilies are the flowers that make up this lovely sympathetic spray.
Order code: FS4
Cross shaped funeral flowers white yellow florist bristol FCR3A crossed based tribute with a chrysanthemum base and yellow roses.
Order code: FCR3
Funeral flowers cross white flowers florist bristol FCR4A ribbon edged open cross tribute using beautiful white flowers.
Order code: FCR4
Yes we offer named ribbons, cards and more. Tribute FCR1 (above) shows one way we can name your cross. Please call to discuss what you would like.
Crosses start at 2ft and go up in size in feet, please call to discuss your requirements.
Funeral Flower Arrangements
Funeral flower arrangements are a meaningful way to convey heartfelt sympathy at a time of loss.
Funeral flowers posy arrangement pink yellow florist Bristol FA1A traditional flower arrangement using roses and chrysanthemums.
Order code: FA1
Funeral flowers basket arrangement white red florist Bristol FA2Basket flower arrangement.
Order code: FA2
Funeral flowers posy arrangement white blue florist Bristol FA3A Funeral posy arrangement in white and blue flowers.
Order code: FA3
Funeral flowers posy arrangement white green florist Bristol FA4Traditional posy arrangement using all white flowers.
Order code: FA4
Yes we can personalise your arrangement using ribbon in a colour of your choice to compliment the flowers chosen.
Posies are ideal for the buffet table at the wake to add colour.
Traditional beautiful cushions arranged for your loved one. Available in two sizes and colours of your choice.
Cushion shaped funeral flowers white blue sash Bristol FCU1Traditional blue and white cushion, with a ribbon name sash.
Order code: FCU1
Funeral cushion sash white red florist north Bristol FCU2Traditional red and white cushion with passion roses.
Order code: FCU2
Cushion shaped funeral flowers white pink north Bristol FCU3Traditional cushion in pink and white posies.
Order code: FCU3
Cushion shaped funeral flowers green north Bristol FCU4Cushion something different with yellow roses and a moss base.
Order code: FCU4
Traditional beautiful stars marking our love to a loved one or friend available in colours of your choice.
Star shapped funeral flowers white florist north Bristol FST1A star for a star in white and red to show your love.
Order code: FST1
Star shaped funeral flowers white pink florist north Bristol FST2A foliage edged star funeral tribute, decorated with flowers in beautiful pastel shades.
Order code: FST2
Star shaped funeral flowers white yellow florist north Bristol FST3A bright yellow and white star funeral tribute using moon walk roses.
Order code: FST3
Star shaped funeral flowers teddy white blue florist north Bristol FST4Add a personal touch to your star funeral tribute, as an example this family included their own teddy bear.
Order code: FST4
Allow your lost loved one to fly free with a beautiful butterfly funeral tribute to help them on their way.
Butterfly shaped funeral flowers white and blue florist north Bristol FBF1Purple and white flowers make up this elegant butterfly tribute.
Order code: FBF1
Funeral flowers butterfly shaped white red florist north Bristol FBF2A sympathetic funeral tribute in the shape of a butterfly using orange and white flowers with a ribbon edged finish.
Order code: FBF2
We can make all funeral tributes in colours of your choice.
Yes of course any personal item can be added to make it personal and specific to you.
Gates of Heaven
Show your heartfelt love with a gates of heaven tribute, available in colours of your choice.
Gates of heaven funeral flowers white pink north Bristol florist FGH1A gates of heaven funeral tribute in beautiful pastel shades with a foliage edge finish.
Order code: FGH1
Gates of heaven funeral flowers white yellow north Bristol florist FGH2A gates of heaven funeral tribute, in bright yellow roses and a chrysanthemum base finished with a yellow ribbon edge.
Order code: FGH2
Gates of heaven funeral flowers north Bristol florist FGH3A lovely gates of heaven funeral tribuet, with red ribbon and red roses. If you have specfic flowers of colours, please let us know.
Order code: FGH3
Traditional tied sheaf a simple way to show your love.
Funeral sheaf red white funeral flowers florist Bristol FSH1Red and white roses ties with gyp and foliage make up this gorgeous sheaf.
Order code: FSH1
Funeral sheaf pink white green flowers florist Bristol FSH2A sheaf made with pastel pink roses, with gyp and foliage accents tied with a elegant bow.
Order code: FSH2
You can choose any flowers to be added into your funeral sheaf.
Yes of course a personal message can be added to your funeral sheaf.
Casket Garland
A traditional garland weaved into a basket casket, available in all flowers and foliages.
Casket garland funeral flowers green white flowers florist Bristol FGH1A garland made with white lilies and soft foliages to decorate the casket.
Order code: FGH1
Yes all done with a personal touch.
All garlands are made at the undertakers as they need to be weaved into the basket.
Funeral Flowers Bristol - Frequently Asked Questions
Funeral Flowers - General Questions

Can I have any funeral tribute in different colours to the shown ones on your website?
Yes, we aim to satisfy our customers with colours of your choosing.

Will you set the flowers out at the church?
Yes we can, all tributes and arrangements and made at the shop and delivered placed just where you would like them.

Do you make special funeral tributes?
Yes we do specialise in funerals so we do items of your request form cats to caravans from dogs to dolphins’ checkout our specialist page which may be able to help you.

I would like a racing car to be made out of flowers would you be able to make this?
Yes of course, we can make one off pieces specific to your lost loved one, please see our specialised tributes page to look at some we have made in the past.

Can you advise me on what flowers would be suitable for me to send or take to a funeral?
We are experts in our field and will be able to offer advice and guidance on choosing flowers and colours that will send the respect and compassion your require.

Can I choose which flowers and colours to have in my funeral tribute?
Yes we can discuss what colours and flowers you would like, if you have a flower and colour in mind please let us know and we will make your funeral tribute just as you visualise it to be.

What is the process for arranging my funeral flowers?
Contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss your funeral flower needs, we can come to your home or you can come to the Filton store in Bristol to discuss your requirements.

Who will make my funeral flowers and tributes?
We will make up all your funeral flowers and arrangements within our store based in Filton, Bristol.

Will you work to any budget?
There is always the perfect tribute no matter the budget, we can talk through your option during the consultation.


Do you charge for home visit to discuss funeral flowers?
Consultations are free please contact us to arrange a home visit at a time to suit you.

Can we come into the shop anytime to order funeral flowers?
Yes by all means, please check our opening times or we can arrange a time to suit you.

If I work and cannot get to your shop in working hours could I book to see you after work hours to order my funeral flowers?
Yes we do appointments after hours so call us for a consultation.

When will you make our funeral flowers?
Normally the day before or on the morning of the funeral.

Do you do home calls for people that can’t get out to order their loved ones funeral tribute?
We like to give a personal touch and if you can’t for any reason get to us we can come to you.

Will you work with my budget?
We can always work with your budget and help you choose that special tribute.

How much notice do you need to arrange my funeral flowers?
24 hours notice is the minimum that will be needed to arrange funeral flowers, the more notice you can give the more choice of flowers and colours you will have.


Do funeral arrangements come in different sizes?
Yes all our funeral flowers come in a range of sizes, we can cater to all requests and budgets, casket and coffin sprays can be from 2ft depending on how much of the coffin/casket you would like covered.

Do pillows, hearts, cushions come in different sizes?
Yes they come in two sizes small and large.

Can I have personal messages on my funeral flowers?
Personal messages, poems, pictures, can all be included on your funeral flowers or tribute, you can write the message yourself or pick from one of our messages. If you would prefer we can write the message and attach to the flowers prior to sending.

Can ribbon sashes with names on be put on any funeral tribute?
Yes we can do that even nicknames can be put on too.


Do you do special items of babies/children funerals?
Precious warm gentle from teddies prams baby bottles posies from a child favourite character.

Can I have meaningful items put on/in my funeral tribute i.e. teddy’s pictures etc?
Yes our aim is to make you feel you have just want it is you want for your loved one.
Funeral Flowers - Delivery Questions

Do you deliver funeral flowers?
Yes we do whether it be the undertakers or the home address. (Yes we can deliver to the family home or the funeral directors, please be aware a deliver charge may apply).

Do you deliver on a Sunday?
As a rule no but we have been none too for special occasions.

Is there a minimum order for delivery?
There is no minimum order for delivery, family flowers are a free delivery and a small charge for other orders, please call to discuss.

How much will you charge to deliver my funeral flowers in Bristol?
Family flowers are a free delivery and a small charge for others.

Can we come and view our funeral flowers before they are delivered?
By all means, some people find this a good time to take pictures to keep as memories.

Can you deliver to my home address so I can take my funeral tribute to the funeral myself?
Yes we can deliver to your home address so you can take your funeral tribute yourself to the funeral.

What time will my funeral flowers be delivered?
Most deliveries are an am or pm time slot and we aim to deliver 2 hours before the time of the funeral. This can be discussed during the consultation process and we can decide what the best time to suit you for delivery of your funeral tribute/flowers.

Do you deliver funeral flowers in Bristol?
Yes Cala’s flowers can deliver from our Bristol shop almost all over Bristol.

Can I collect my flowers from the shop?
Of course, please call and we can agree the time so your order is ready.

Funeral Flowers - Payment Questions

Do you take cash and card payments?
We take cash and all credit card payments apart from American Express.

Can we pay for our funeral flowers over the phone?
Yes we take all card payments over the phone apart from American Express.

When would I need to pay for my funeral flowers?
People mostly pay when ordering their flowers but up till two days before the funeral is fine.

Can I pay for my funeral flowers when I collect them from the shop?

Yes of course but sometime you may be asked for a deposit when ordering.

Would it possible to pay for my funeral tribute on collection?
We prefer that all funeral tributes be paid at least three days before required, although we could discuss your requirements upon the order of your flowers and may be able to just take a deposit.

Can I order outside of the UK with my credit/debit card?

Yes of course.

We have made a collection for our funeral flowers, when will you charge my credit/debit card?

This is done when ordering your flowers.

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