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Wedding Flowers
This once in a lifetime event, will be the most wonderful and happiest day of any brides life; we can help to bring sensational colour and wonderful scents with our delightful flowers. Let us help inspire and excite you with all the possibilities available. Bring together your vision, ideas, colours, styles, designs and of course budget. Let us individually tailor your flowers for your dream wedding!

That special day deserves 'that' extra attention to detail!

So if you are looking for wonderful wedding florist in Bristol - We can help make your day extra special!
Bride Hand Tied Bouquets
Wedding bouquets for the bride, from hand tied bouquets to beautifully elegant shower bouquets, we can help create the perfect bouquet for you. Taking time to make sure your perfect bouquet is ready for the big day.

Below are just a small selection of our wedding bouquets, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.
Bride hand tied bouquets red and white wedding flowers Bristol WB1A classical red and white hand tied with gyp to soften.
Order code: WB1
Bride hand tied bouquets mixed flowers wedding flowers Bristol WB2A gorgeous bouquet mix of fresh flowers, perfectly themed to match your wedding colour scheme.
Order code: WB2
Bride hand tied bouquets roses wedding flowers Bristol WB3Our hand-tied bouquets are perfect for that summer wedding! A beautiful mix of fresh roses bringing summer right into your venue.
Order code: WB3
Bride hand tied bouquets peach roses cream roses Wedding flowers Bristol WB4An elegant tied posy arranged in beautiful peach roses cream roses hands, mixed foliages and gyp.

Order code: WB4
Bride hand tied bouquets sunflower wedding flowers Bristol WB5A perfect bouquet for the sunflower lover.
Order code: WB5
We will make up all your wedding flowers and arrangements within our store based in Filton, Bristol.
Call us and we can answer any questions you have.
Bridesmaids Hand Tied Bouquets
Your bridesmaids and flowers girls can carry flowers in bouquets or baskets or even on their wrist there are many variations to suit your vision and budget. Whether you are having 2 or 10 bridesmaids, we can find the idea flowers for them to carry. Bridesmaid’s posies are smaller versions of the bouquets carried by the bride and maid of honour, perfect size for the little bridesmaids and flower girls, making them feel like little princesses.

Below are just a small selection of our bridesmaids flowers, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets mini silk wedding flowers Bristol WBR1Mini silk bouquets to complement the bride’s bouquet.
Order code: WBR1
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets posy wedding flowers Bristol WBR2Gorgeous sweet bridesmaid posy.
Order code: WBR2
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets cream and pink roses Bristol WBR3Beautiful pastels jaded hand tied in soft cream and pink roses, finished with a touch of gyp and ribbon bows.
Order code: WBR3
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets wedding flowers Bristol WBR4Pretty little baskets for the gorgeous bridesmaid or flower girl to carry when following you up the aisle.
Order code: WBR4
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets red and white roses Bristol WBR5Gorgeous red and white roses posies ideal for bridesmaid.
Order code: WBR5
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets white roses wedding flowers Bristol WBR6Our very elegant hand tied bouquet designed in all fresh white roses and gyp is very popular with brides being so delicate and pretty. Very popular with brides as it looks pretty and delicate.
Order code: WBR6
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets peach and cream wedding flowers Bristol WBR7A small hand tied in peach and cream ideal for younger bridesmaid.
Order code: WBR7
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets white roses and baby blue silk roses WBR8A beautiful hand tied bouquet arranged in fresh white roses and baby blue silk roses to match your bridesmaid’s dresses.
Order code: WBR8
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets peach and cream silk roses WBR9A delicate hand tied bouquet in soft peach and cream silk roses, orchids and step and pearls. Ideal for brides and bridesmaids and perfect for a lasting memory of your amazing day.
Order code: WBR9
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets white silk roses wedding flowers Bristol WBR10A glamorous hand tied bouquet in white silk roses with pearls and diamonds finished with pink feathers and butterflies, ideal is brighten up and sparkle. For the bride that wants the wow factor, brighten your day with glam and sparkle.
Order code: WBR10
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets blue white silk roses wedding flowers Bristol WBR11An ideal hand tied bouquet in baby blue, dark blue and white silk roses when you have your bridesmaids and flower girls in different colours this bouquet matches all.
Order code: WBR11
Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets daisy daisies wedding flowers Bristol WBR12A simple hand tied of mimosa daisy.
Order code: WBR12

Bridesmaids hand tied bouquets aqua pink roses wedding flowers Bristol WBR1A beautiful bright hand tied in aqua pink roses and purple Eustona.
Order code: WBR13
It is your special day and you can choose all aspects of your wedding flowers.
At the consultation we can discuss all details of your arrangements including sizing and colours.
Buttonhole flowers for the groom should be unique and match flowers from the bride’s bouquet. The grooms buttonhole should show that he is the most important man of the day; his could be bigger and more impressive than the best man, grandfathers and ushers. Additionally, one flower buttonholes can be offered to male guests on the day of the wedding.

Below are just a small selection of our buttonholes, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.
Wedding buttonholes rose white florist Bristol WBU1Single silk rose buttonhole, a classic look for the perfect wedding.
Order code: WBU1
Wedding flowers buttonhole white rose florist Bristol WBU2Fresh rose buttonholes complement the suits of all the important men on your day.
Order code: WBU2
Wedding flowers buttonhole silk peach Bristol florist WBU3Beautiful peach silk rose buttonhole, adding colour to the grooms suit.
Order code: WBU3
Wedding flowers buttonhole red florist Bristol WBU4A double Rose buttonhole adds that little extra for the groom, bestman and father suits.
Order code: WBU4
We can deliver the wedding flowers and buttonholes to different addresses so that all parties have the correct flowers needed for the day.
The main wearers of buttonholes are the men in your wedding party; the groom would generally wear a more detailed buttonhole to emphasise his importance, the best man, urshers, fathers and page boys could all wear them too. All guests can be offered them but it would depend upon your budget.
Wedding Corsages
Traditionally worn by the mothers and grandmothers of the bride and groom, using flowers to complement the brides bouquet. Corsages can be worn on clothing using pins or magnets, on the wrists and even around the waist (ideal for young brademaids).

Below are just a small selection of our corsages, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.
Wedding flowers corsage white red florist Bristol WC01A beautiful corsage made using stunning orchids and rolled red rose petals complimented with a touch of gyp.
Order code: WCO1
Wedding flowers waist corsage white florist Bristol WC02A waist corsage made using elegant white orchids and silk rose buds, displayed on a diamante bracelet accessorised with gyp and ivy to finish. A lovely choice for mums and bridesmaids, also popular for prom.
Order code: WCO2
Wedding flowers waist corsage white and rose petals florist Bristol WC03Corsage how delicate a beautiful corsage in white fressias and rolled rose petals with gyp.
Order code: WCO3
We can make wedding corsages in many different sizes please call to discuss your requirements or the options available.
Yes all our corsages come with pearl headed pins.
Wedding Shower Bouquets
All our shower bouquet are individually designed for the brides colour scheme and sized so it fits beautifully for the bride. There are some lovely examples below, but feel free to call and discuss your requirements so we can make the perfect shower bouquet for you.
Wedding bouquet shower red roses white florist Bristol WSB1Our much loved shower bouquet a cascading flow of beautifully designed flowers arranged in elegant amazing red roses, white, freesias, white liz and finishing with a touch of gyp.
Order code: WSB1
Wedding bouquet shower white blue florist Bristol WSB2A perfect choice for many fabulous brides arranged in fresh and silk flowers to achieve the exact colours of your wedding theme, like this delicate baby blue and white bouquet designed and arranged in fresh white roses, calla lilies, orchids and silk baby blue roses.
Order code: WSB2
Wedding bouquet shower white roses pearls florist Bristol WSB3A perfect lasting memory of your wedding day, this charming shower bouquet with its stunning attention to detail is perfectly designed in white silk roses to compliment your wedding dress.
Order code: WSB3
Wedding bouquet silk shower red white Bristol florist WSB4Our much loved shower bouquets, a cascading flow of beautifully designed flowers. A perfect choice for many fabulous brides.
Order code: WSB4

Light blue dark blue white silk rose wedding bouquets Bristol WSB5Brides silk shower bouquet in light blue dark blue and white rose finished with a delicate butterfly.
Order code: WSB5
Shower wedding bouquets can come in any colours to compliment your wedding colour scheme.
Yes our silk flower bouquets come in all colours please call us to arrange a consultation.
Wedding Pedestal
Pedestal flowers are perfect for the church, chapel or your wedding venue. These can really pull the wedding theme together as a beautiful focus point. Available in any size and available flowers on the day.

Below are just a small selection of our pedestal flowers, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.
Wedding pedestal flowers purple green florist Bristol WP1Purple and pink themed pedestal flowers.
Order code: WP1
Wedding pedestal flowers red white florist Bristol WP1White and red themed pedestal flowers.
Order code: WP2
We advise that we deliver your wedding pedestal flowers so that we can arrange them within your wedding venue.
Yes pedestals come in different sizes please call s to discuss your requirements.
Wedding Table Flowers
Compliment your wedding theme and create that perfect table setting for your wedding with our beautiful table posies, below are just a small selection of what we can offer, please contact us to discuss your requirements.
Wedding flowers table decorations yellow blue Bristol WTA1A beautiful top table arrangement in sunflowers.
Order code: WTA1
Wedding flowers table vases florist Bristol WTA2Elegant red orchid table flowers.
Order code: WTA2
Wedding table flowers in silk roses Bristol Florist WTA3A top table arrangement in white with blue silk roses, a clever way to get the colour perfectly matched to your theme.
Order code: WTA3
Red white gold wedding table flowers Bristol florist WTA4Candle arrangements are a lovely idea like this one in reds white and golds.
Order code: WTA4
Wedding Cake Flowers
Our wedding cake flowers are created to compliment your theme and cake design, taking care to not overpower, but to add that extra floral design touch!. Below is just one of our recent wedding cake flowers, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.
Wedding cake toppers red green flowers florist Bristol WCF1A mix of flowers, beautifully adorn this three tier wedding cake.
Order code: WCF1
Yes we can arrange to set up all your wedding flowers at your wedding venue, we can liaise we the venue to give you one less thing to worry on your wedding day.
We offer wedding cake flowers in many designs from the one you can see, to flowers all over or even just around each tier of the wedding cake.
Wedding Headdress
The most gorgeous flowers beautifully arranged for your special day. Utilising the best blooms available, we can create the ideal bride’s headdress for your wedding. Below is just one of our recent headdress, contact us and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.
Wedding flowers circlet headdress white red yellow WHD1Selection of beautiful roses, interwoven with baby's breath to create this classic bride’s headdress.
Order code: WHD1
Wedding Flowers Bristol - Frequently Asked Questions
Wedding Flowers - General Questions

How much do you charge for wedding consultations?
We offer a free consultation to discuss your wedding flower needs and what we can offer. Please contact us to arrange a consultation at ta time to suit you.

Will you set the flowers out at the church?
Yes we can, all tributes and arrangements and made at the shop and delivered placed just where you would like them.

Can you advise me on what colours and flowers would be suitable for my wedding?
With years of experience we can give you advice and guidance on choosing flowers and colours that will compliment your wedding day. We can work together to find the perfect combination for your special day.

What is the process for arranging my wedding flowers?
Contact us to arrange a consultation to discuss your wedding flower needs, we can come to your home or you can come to the Filton store in Bristol to discuss your requirements.

Who will make my wedding flowers?
We will make up all your wedding flowers and arrangements within our store based in Filton, Bristol.


My bridesmaids are in plum dresses do you advise lighter colours to compliment?
Not always, sometimes dark colours like plum can be inc alongside ivory or white so they show up against their dresses.

Do you do appointments so I can book to see you to order my wedding flowers?
Yes we do appointments just ring contact us and we will be happy to arrange to see you at a time that suit you.

I’m getting married on a Sunday do you do Sunday wedding?
Yes we do we can arrange to have your wedding flowers made for a Sunday wedding.

I like the idea of silk and fresh flowers do you do them in any colours?
Yes it always a good idea to bring a sample of your material so can match your colours.

I love the pearl pinned roses do you put them with silk and fresh flowers?
Yes any flower with a centre can have pearls in.

If I have pictures of flowers and bouquets that I like can I bring them in to show you?
By all means it gives us a idea of the theme you are trying to create for your special day.

I’m on a budget so would you help?
Yes of course I’m sure we would be able to help.


Can my groom’s best man collect the button holes from the shop on the morning of the wedding?
Yes of course. Just let us know on ordering that he will collect and we will box them separately.

Can you deliver the buttonholes to a different Bristol address?
We can deliver the wedding flowers and the buttonholes to different addresses so the all parties have the correct flowers needed for the day.

Can the double rose buttonhole be made in two separate colours?
We can make the double rose buttonhole in colours of our choice, please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Can I have the grooms party corsages and buttonholes collected from the shop?
Yes of course just let us know when ordered and we will box them separately.

Do corsages differ in price to waist corsages?
Yes there is a different price and we would be happy to quote prices.

Can you put ribbons in the corsages?
Yes matching ribbons can be included in your corsages just let us know your colour scheme and we would match it.

Can the grooms party corsages and buttonholes be collected from the shop?
If you let us know this is what you would like we can box them up separate to the wedding flowers.

What is the starting price for your diamante wedding party bracelets?
Prices start from£19.95 for our diamante wedding bracelets.

Can I attach my corsage to my jacket quiet easily?
Yes all corsages/buttonhole come with pins which can easily be attached.


Do you provide the pedestal stand?
We can provide the pedestal stands but we will require a refundable deposit for the hire of them.

My wedding venue have their own flower pedestal for us to use, will this be possible?
We can use your wedding venues pedestal to display your wedding flowers, we can arrange with you and your venue whether we arrange at our shop or in your venue.

Can you make a posy style pedestal?
We can make a pedestal in many different flower arrangements, Please call to discuss your requirements.


Do you deliver my wedding bouquets?
Yes we deliver at a time that suits you, this can be arranged at the time of ordering.

Who will make my wedding bouquets?
We will make and design your bouquet at our shop in Filton, Bristol.

Would I be able to choose my flowers?
Yes most flowers are available all year round and we can advise you on the availability of flowers that are seasonal.

My favourite flowers are lilies can they be included in a shower bouquet?
Most flowers look amazing in shower bouquets; we can discuss the flowers you’d like in you bouquet at your consultation.


Will you come to my home in Bristol to go through wedding flower ideas?
Yes we can arrange a consultation in your own home to talk through your ideas for your wedding flowers. This is usually done after hours.

Can we come into the shop anytime to order wedding flowers?
Yes by all means, please check our opening times or we can arrange a time to suit you.

If I work and cannot get to your shop in working hours could I book to see you after work hours to order my wedding flowers?
Yes we do appointments after hours so call us for a consultation.

When will you make our wedding flowers?
Normally the day before or on the morning of the wedding.

Will you work with my budget?
Yes we can find the best and most impressive flowers to fit any budget to add to your special day.

How much notice do you need to arrange my wedding flowers?
A minimum of 2 weeks notice will be needed to arrange all your wedding flowers, but longer will help with the planning and help us to acieve the dream wedding flowers you want. From planning to preparation every detail will be checked to ensure you get the perfect flowers for your wedding.

Wedding Flowers - Delivery Questions

Do you deliver wedding flowers?
Yes we deliver at a time that suits you, this can be arranged at the time of ordering.

Do you deliver on a Sunday?
We do not usually deliver on a Sunday, but an exception could be made if needed to accommodate your wedding date and venue rules, please contact us for more information and to arrange a consultation.

How much will you charge to deliver my wedding flowers in Bristol?
There is a small delivery fee depending on the size of the order, please call to discuss.

Can we come and view our wedding flowers before they are delivered?
By all means, some people find this a good time to take pictures to keep as memories.

Can you deliver to my home address so I can take my wedding flowers to the wedding myself?
Yes we can deliver to your home address so you can take your wedding flowers yourself to the wedding.

What time will my wedding flowers be delivered?
This would be dependent on the time you were being married, most deliveries are an am or pm time slot. This can be discussed during the consultation process and we can decide what the best time to suit you for delivery of your wedding flowers.

Do you deliver wedding flowers in Bristol?
Yes Cala’s flowers can deliver from our Bristol shop almost all over Bristol.

Can I collect my flowers from the shop?
Of course, please call and we can agree the time so your order is ready.

Wedding Flowers - Payment Questions

Do you take cash and card payments?
We take cash and all credit card payments apart from American Express.

Can we pay for our wedding flowers over the phone?
Yes we take all card payments over the phone apart from American Express.

When would I need to pay for my wedding flowers?
A 10% deposit would be paid on the initial order of your wedding flowers, the remaining amount would need to be paid before the wedding day. No later than 2 weeks before the wedding day.
Can I pay for my wedding flowers when I collect them from the shop?
Yes of course but sometime you may be asked for a deposit when ordering.

Can I order outside of the UK with my credit/debit card?

Yes of course.

We have made a collection for our wedding flowers, when will you charge my credit/debit card?

This is done when ordering your flowers.

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